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Green Scope understands the stress of attaining reliable, quality roofers to help with your new build or Colorbond/Metal re roof. We specialise in all things Metal and Colorbond roofing and are experts at working with construction companies and owner builders to help give quality advice on roof design, roof profile, gutter and downpipe selection, insulation and ventilation. We understand how important the timing of a new roof is to keep a project moving so we ensure communication between all parties involved is exceptional. Email us your plans for a free quote so you have an idea of how much the roofing aspect of your new build or renovation will cost. When replacing a rusted Colorbond/Metal roof there are some key things to consider. Was the correct Colorbond profile installed for the pitch of the Roof? What Metal thickness do you need 0.42BMT or 0.48BMT? Are you close enough to the ocean to Justify Colorbond Ultra? We can help you answer all these questions and more. Contact us for our expert advice on your Colorbond/Metal project.
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The experienced team at Green Scope Guttering and Roofing offer a great range of re-roofing services for both home and commercial buildings throughout Sydney.
Velux Skylights are our preferred skylight for installation. The quality, size range and diversity in models make Velux the best option in the skylight market.
Gutters are easily overlooked when you think about your home maintenance needs, often roof leaks within a property can be a result of blocked and damaged guttering and/or downpipes.
Commercial Roofing
The Roof over your commercial property is an extremely important part of your investment or business. At Greenscope we Specialise in both new and re roofs on commercial properties.
Greenscope Guttering and Roofing is a local business that is an expert in colorbond and metal roofing services. It is always our aim to ensure that your new roofing system or roof repair lasts if physically feasible while still being done on schedule and within budget. Colorbond roofing is a specialty of Greenscope Guttering and Roofing, which specialises in converting old residential roofs into new Colorbond roofs. Roof replacement for homes is what we specialise in, but we also replace roofs on a wide range of other structures, including commercial and industrial buildings such as stores, warehouses, factories, and awnings. Roof repairs and restorations on industrial, commercial, and residential roofs are also part of our services. Greenscope Guttering and Roofing has grown significantly in recent years, and now employs a fantastic team of experienced, courteous, and professional roofers who can tackle even the most difficult of projects with ease. Metal roofing, available in both bright and dark hues, efficiently reflects heat, reducing cooling loads in the summer and insulating houses in the winter, respectively. This can bring energy prices down significantly. Most of the metal roofing comes with a manufacturer's guarantee that lasts for years, as well as a craftsmanship warranty from the contractor. Although the initial cost of a superior metal roof is higher than the pricing of most other metal roofing, you will save money over the long term if you choose this choice over the other options available. A metal roof has the potential to endure two to three times longer than conventional roofing systems. A metal roof may also improve the market value of your house, as well as reduce your homeowner's insurance premiums if you get one installed. A metal roof will be the final roof you ever put on your house because of its durability. A frequent misunderstanding is that a metal roof would be louder than other kinds of roofing, which are simply not true. Using a metal roof on your house, when constructed with strong sheathing, may reduce the amount of noise caused by rain, hail, and severe weather, often much better than other roofing materials. And sometimes there is a myth that having a metal roof on your house will not sustain a chance of lightning strike at your house. However, if your house were to be struck by lightning, the energy would be securely dispersed throughout the building uniformly and all thanks to the metal roof. Given the fact that metal roofing is neither combustible nor flammable, it is a low-risk and ideal roofing choice when dealing with extreme weather, particularly when dealing with lightning. So, what are you searching for? Get started now! Fill out the contact form right now, and you will get a call within 24 hours to schedule a free inspection, consultation, and estimate with one of our representatives. Please contact us at 0406 154 608 or you can send an email to
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