Gutter Guard

Why do I need Gutter Guard?

Gutter guard is extremely beneficial to extending the life of your gutters, solving a range of gutter related issues and protecting your house from fire.

The Ski Slope LEAF STOPPER® system we install is a powder coated Aluminium mesh that is trimmed onto the lip of your gutter then tucked under the first layer of tiles or saddled to your corrugated roof. This system insures leaves blow over your gutter rather than getting trapped and building up inside the gutter. This can greatly reduce the risk of fire.

World Leading Leaf Stopper Technology
Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard
Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard

The Ski Slope LEAF STOPPER® system

LEAF STOPPER® Premium Aluminium & Ember Defender guards have been tested, by CSIRO, and have passed the AS1530.2 and thus are non-combustible leaf guards. This makes these products fully compliant with AS3959:2009 and the BCA.

New statutory Bushfire regulations, AS3959:2009 (Building in a Bushfire Prone Area) recommends that all new or renovated buildings within bushfire prone areas have non-combustible leaf guards installed. In order for a system to comply with this standard it must have a fire rating of 5 or less (5 being the lowest rating) and be tested in accordance with AS1530.2.

LEAF STOPPER® will prevent pests such as possums and birds from getting into your roof and nesting causing damage and keeping you up at night.

Minimal Maintenance is still required with any gutter guard, we recommend having us blow and flush your gutters every 2-3 years, if we have installed the guard this service will be provided at a heavily discounted rated.

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